Interview with Cherry Dollface

Stezzy StellaLuna of Hellcat Honey did this interview with Cherry Dollface, exclusively for Rocket Magazine. To see more fun interviews, grab your copy of the Special Editon: Viva Las Vegas 2019 issue!
Stezzy StellaLuna and Lola Ghoul with Cherry Dollface at Viva Las Vegas 2019

How many times have you been to Viva & what year was your first Viva?
2004 was my first year and I have been to 15!


What year has been your MOST memorable Viva Experience? Why?
2013 was the first year that I really saw and felt the impact of what I was doing online at Viva. I couldn’t believe that people wanted to stop and have photos with me and so many people said so many nice things!


What has been your most favorite “can’t-miss-it” event that you look forward to every Viva?
The bands!! It’s always the best just wandering into any ballroom at any time and seeing amazing bands and cutting a rug.


Where do you stay when you go to Viva? The Orleans, a Favorite or Iconic Hotel, an airbnb, or with local friends?
I used to stay at the Palms but this year we stayed at an Airbnb so we could do shoots all week and have extra space. It was actually kind of great!


Do you have a usual “Viva Posse” that you roll through Viva Las Vegas with?
I am always with the photographer I work with, Liz and her husband Brandon. And sometimes my fella gets to join us! But the group is always rotating depending on where we are and what we are doing!


What’s your favorite part(s) about going to Viva overall?
Seeing friends! It is so nice to see all of the babes I get to meet and hang out with all over the world in my travels all in one place!


What does the Viva community mean to you?
It is just a group of likeminded people that all get to let their freak flags fly at the same time!


Who are the coolest people you have met at Viva or most memorable Viva interactions been with?
All of the people I meet at Viva are the coolest. I don’t think I have ever met someone that I was like “Ughhhh”. Haha.


What lasting friendships or connections have you made when attending Viva?
We do pinup shoots for girls every year and there are some girls that book with us every single year and it’s always so fun seeing them again and playing catch up.


What’s your most cherished Viva Memory?
Seeing all of the old acts before they started passing away. In the early days the lineup was so good!! Collins Kids, Janis Martin, Wanda Jackson, The Comets…


What was your most unforgettable VLV22 2019 experience(s)?
Staying up until 5am dancing and playing Britney Spears slots and then eating pizza in bed with my fella and watching Beyonce’s Homecoming.


What is it about VLV that keeps you wanting to come back?
The babes.


If you got to pick, who would be your DREAM Music Line Up for VLV?
I leave the picking to the pros. I am always happy with the music I hear! But more doo-wop would be rad.


What would you add to VLV that you think it’s missing?


Have you ever entered or won any contests or awards at any VLV event?
Nope! I judge the pinup contest though.


Who are your favorite Vendors that you have seen at Viva and why?
Honestly the food vendors are usually where I congregate! I love frozen lemonade.


What’s your favorite place(s) to go in Las Vegas during Viva that is not part of the usual VLV itinerary?
I don’t ever have time to venture outside of Viva!


In your opinion what is your favorite things to do and see during VLV
Bands, vendors, all of the pretty girls.


If you were to summarize your VLV experience in 3 sentences, what would that be?
Viva is the place to be you. Don’t stress about anything but having a good time. And talk to strangers, it’s fun!


Cherry Dollface



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