Frequently Asked Questions

Are your issues available in print?
All issues are available in print and also digitally.


How can I be published in your magazine?
Everyone is encouraged to submit—no matter age, rage, sex, or clothing size. However, there are guidelines that need to be followed, which can be found on our Submissions page. You don’t need to be a high profile professional model either, but make sure your images are professionally done!


How can I get on the cover!?
I will give you tips on how to get on the cover, but please do not ask! I get asked so much; it actually makes me want to not put you on the cover. I try to take as many people into consideration, but your photos definitely have to be eye catching!

  • Please provide as many photos (preferably from the same set and photographer) as you can! There is usually a minimum of 3 needed, but if you’d like a chance at the cover…it would be better to have a minimum of 6! I try to make the spread for cover girls as large as possible, so I will need more options to choose from.
  • Try to provide good horizontal images. This is not required, but I do look for these. However, please don’t provide horizontal images with you perfectly centered—I can’t use these! If I do, you’ll be cut in half when printed.
  • All photos must be obviously edited but edited WELL. It’s not always good to over edit! Sometimes it can ruin a photo. (This goes for all submitted photos honestly)
  • You must provide photos that would make great covers, duh! This means eye catching and also has enough space for slight cropping and also text.
  • Your photos must fit into the issue’s theme very well.


Can you please contact my photographer for…(insert any reason)?
No. It’s not my responsibility to contact your photographer.


Can I submit through direct messages or e-mail?
No. You must complete the application form on the Submissions page or you will not be considered.


Will you send me a free copy of the issue?
No. If I provided free copies of issues to every model and photographer that submitted, I would be in debt.


When do I need to have my submission in by?
You can submit for all upcoming issues early and each issue’s deadline is available on the Submissions page.


Do you sponsor events?
It depends but I have—feel free to contact me via e-mail!


How do I know if I’ll be in an issue?
You will receive an email from me! Please be sure to provide your correct email address on the application form, because this is how I’ll contact you.


I can’t complete the application on my phone; can you send me a copy?
No. If you can’t complete the application on your phone, you may need to use a computer. 98% of the time it does work though. You may also need to flip your phone to view the form fully.


How will I know my application went through?
You will receive a message stating so at the end of the application. Please don’t email or send direct messages asking if it went through (unless you actually didn’t receive the notification). Below is the message you will receive at the end of the application.