Rocket Magazine was founded in the beginning of 2017 by Reggy Rocket. Reggy considers herself new to the pinup world, but has been doing cheesecake pinup and boudoir modelling for about five years. She wanted to create something that would not only help her meet new people involved in the pinup community already, but also help bond others. A magazine was definitely a thought she had for awhile, but had trouble putting together due to a busy schedule. In June of 2017, she graduated from college receiving her Bachelor's Degree in Graphic Design. This caused a lot more free time to start working on the magazine!

In the beginning, Rocket Magazine was a quarterly published print and digital magazine. Each issue was themed based around the seasons. Now, Rocket has grown and is published monthly. Even though it has not been around as long as other magazines, Rocket has gained a large following full of wonderful people.


Team Rocket

Reggy Rocket- Owner, editor, designer
Miss Emmy Va-Va-Voom- Fashion column writer
Addie Vee OrTease- Lifestyle column writer
Bonnie Navarro- Photographer, partner studio
Lilly Soto- Photographer at Perfectly Pinup, partner studio
Erica Dean Lamb- Photographer, partner studio
Jane Ferreira- Photographer at Studio Front Street, partner studio
Meagan Kyla- "Sheila" Column writer
Penny Shaut- Photographer at Pin Up Penny Photography, partner studio
Scott Evanskey- Photographer, partner studio
Kimmi Lynn- Photographer at Gem City Pin Up Photography, partner studio
Destiny Rogowski- Photographer at Sweet Heart Pin Up Photography, partner studio