If you are a pinup related company/brand and would like to advertise with Rocket Magazine, please see below prices. Pinup related companies or brands can include clothing, accessories, hair/makeup, artists, etc. Advertisements will not be accepted if they show nudity or anything that could be considered offensive. We will also be happy to provide advertising space for upcoming pinup events.

The application at the bottom of the page must be completed


Please be aware these sizes are with “trim” already in consideration so nothing will be cut off when printed. The below prices are also for ads in one issue of Rocket Magazine.



1/4 Page Ad

Size: 4.125 x 5.375 Inches


1/2 Page Ad

Size: 8.25 x 5.375 inches


 Full Page Ad

8.25 x 10.75 inches


Additional Rates

$15 Ad Design

The prices above are for already created advertisements. If you do not have one already created, I can design one for you for an additional charge of $15. This will be added to the price of the ad space size wanted.

$5 Online Promotions

Company and/or product will be promoted on our social media sites once a week for four weeks for a total price of $5. This can also be combined with magazine ad space as an additional charge.