Magazine Submissions

All submissions must be completely submitted by a certain deadline, which can be found below. These deadlines and themes will also be announced on other social media pages such as Instagram. Everyone is encouraged to submit their photographs, regardless of age, sex, race, or size-- we are all here to motivate each other! This means any type of pinup as well (cheesecake, alternative, tattooed, cosplay, etc.), as long as the photos provided fit into the theme of the issue.

However, there are submission guidelines!

  • Please submit 3 photos MINIMUM. The more photos sent, the better. This will also increase the chances of being chosen as the cover model.
  • Photos with watermarks will NOT be accepted
  • Nudity is not welcome but implied nude is okay
  • Photos MUST be hi-res (300DPI) and professional
  • It is okay if photos have been already shared online or with other publications
  • If you are a photographer and would like a photographer feature as well, please provide a longer bio. You may provide studio location, website, and photo of yourself as well.

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Current Themes and Deadlines

**Please be aware that beginning January 2019, ALL submission deadlines will be on the 20th of the previous month of the issue you are submitting for**
Valentine's Day 2019

Deadline: January 20th
Scheduled Release: February 14th

Special Edition: Western 2019
Deadline: February 20th
Scheduled Release: March 15th

Spring 2019
Deadline: March 20th
Scheduled Release: April 15th

Paradise 2019
Deadline: May 20th
Scheduled Release: June 15th

Special Edition: Radical Issue 2019
Deadline: June 20th
Scheduled Release: July 15th

Hot Rod 2019
Deadline: July 20th
Scheduled Release: August 15th

Please be aware that deadlines and release dates may change. If these dates change, I will be sure to announce the changes so everyone is aware. Also, please keep time zones into consideration-- I am working in EST


Magazine Submissions
Please completed the submission release form at the bottom of this page. Models and photographers may use the same form. You will not be selected for a magazine issue if this is not completed!

If you are an artist looking to submit-- please contact me directly at

Online Submissions
Models, photographers, and artists can also provide submissions to be featured on our Facebook and Instagram pages. To featured on our Instagram page, please tag us in your photo. Direct Messages will not be accepted. To be featured on our Facebook page, please share your image on our page directly! These will be shared with all of our followers.


Please be aware if you are submitting from your phone, it may be easier to view the release form with your phone horizontally since the form is wide.